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Hummingbird Community Program

At Humble Hummingbird, it is believed that health and herbal wellness should be treated as a basic human right. Accessibility to compassionate, competent, and client-centered services is of utmost importance. As a low-profit limited liability corporation (L3C), Humble Hummingbird maintains a commitment to social and environmental justice over profits. It is my belief that our collective well-being and liberation are hinged upon a model of community care and mutual aid.  Wealth and privilege should never be the determining factors in each individual's ability to feel well and pursue the life they wish for themselves. 


Community Care | Mutual Aid | Collective Wellness

The Hummingbird Community Program is designed to help bridge the gaps and dismantle forms of oppression that continue to persist in the realms of clinical herbal care models. I am committed to offering free clinical services and formulas to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and low-income community members who cannot otherwise afford access to an herbalist or feel unsafe doing so. In the spirit of dignity and privacy, I will never ask for proof of income verification. I believe in trust, and I respect those who inquire about this program do so because they need help in accessing full-spectrum herbal support.  Participants in the Hummingbird Program are never asked to contribute to their services but are welcome to do so as their resources permit. 


The Hummingbird Community Program at a glance:




Clients in the Hummingbird Community Program receive the same exact clinical services and formula quality as all other clients. As a working-class individual myself, I believe all people deserve access to equitable, competent care and economic resources shouldn't have to be part of the equation.

Mutual Aid Model


This program is built upon a mutual aid model with a goal of incentivizing investment in one another's well-being to encourage the vitality of all.


10% of all regular clinical service and apothecary fees are invested into the Hummingbird Program to sustain its presence and services.



As a white femme herbalist, I understand and respect that some folks may wish to not work with me for very valid reasons. I am continuously fostering connections and relationships with herbalists and practitioners of various backgrounds and identities so I can make meaningful referrals. Looking for someone else to work with? Reach out and I'll do my best to connect you!

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