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The Humble Apothecary
- Custom Herbal Formulations - 

I am pleased to offer clients custom herbal formulations from the Humble Hummingbird apothecary. Each formula is made with high-quality ingredients personally sourced or cultivated by me.  Many of the bulk herbs found in The Humble Apothecary are sourced directly from my organic farm, Hillside Botanicals. Each ingredient and plant procured represents many hours spent either cultivating and tending the land or diligently researching vendor practices. I maintain a fierce commitment to only using bioregional, ethically sourced, and regeneratively cultivated plant material and ingredients in this practice. More often than not, one will find a fine collection of "weeds" over highly commodified imported plants when perusing the apothecary's inventory.  


Formulations are offered in the forms of tinctures, bulk tea blends, powders, and topical oils, with each being tailored to client preferences.  Ancillary ingredients may also include essential oils, concentrated extracts, and topicals, which are procured on an as-needed basis.


As with consultations, custom formulas are offered on a sliding scale. Exact costs will depend on the specific format of a given formula, with tinctures generally being the most expensive. Current sliding scale costs of herbs are as follows:

  • Tinctures (includes non-alcoholic glycerites and vinegars): $7.50/oz -$10/oz

  • Bulk Herbs (including powders): $2.00/oz -$3.25/oz

  • Topical Oils: $2.50/fl oz - $5.00/fl oz 

Clients should plan to budget approximately $30-90 per month for formulas, depending on the form in which herbs are provided and client preferences. The cost of suggested supplements is not included in this estimation.  


As a farmer, I am excited to offer comprehensive education to clients who show a desire to grow/harvest, wildcraft, or otherwise procure their own formulas as well. This option can be discussed at the initial consultation.  


Humble Hummingbird's apothecary suppliers and partners currently include:

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