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Herbal Consultations | Custom Formulations | Nature Based Education 


In a world where access to competent care and integrative wellness modalities appears increasingly

needed, Humble Hummingbird seeks to bridge the gaps that exist to accessing holistic individualized services.

Humble Hummingbird L3C is the heartfelt creation of Sarah A. Shaw - Clinical Herbalist, Organic Farmer, Educator, and Activist.  As a low-profit limited liability corporation (L3C), Humble Hummingbird prioritizes its mission and values over profit to truly embody a regenerative form of business.

The Humble Mission

The mission of Humble Hummingbird and its owner, Sarah Shaw, is to serve as a justice-focused facilitator to those who seek to realign their relationship with nature and their own body and mind. With nature, ancient herbal traditions, and modern science as our guides, this work seeks to enliven each individual’s capacity to undergo transformative healing.


  • Individualized clinical consultations and wellness plans

  • Custom herbal formulations

  • Nature based education, workshops, and lectures

  • Herbal product manufacturing consulting

Herbal Clinic + Apothecary

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